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Equality New York has members all around the state who meet reguarly. The spend time learning about New York state-wide issues and work together on organzing local actions to help their LGBTQI community thrive.  In person meetings occur quarterly. 

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Register to Vote


One way to become civically engaged is to register to vote. Registering to vote and being informed allows us to build a pro-LGBTQI majority in New York State. Voting lets people tell the government what they want it to do. Respect your right to vote! Register below:




Equality New York relies on volunteers to help it achieve its mission. The benefits of volunteering can be enormous. 

Volunteering can: 

  • connects you to others (make friends)
  • teach you new skills 
  • is good for your mind and body
  • can advance your career
  • brings fun and fulfillment to your life

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