Jason Perdue (D) for Assembly District 150

Jason is the Democratic challenger to Republican incumbent Andrew Goodell. Jason is openly gay and is president of the Jamestown pride society where he works in the county to address issues within communities for equal opportunity. He supports GENDA and equal protections for LGBT New Yorkers and pay equity for …

Monica Wallace (D) for Assembly District 143

Monica Wallace got into the Assembly race because of her disgust over the incumbentŐs treatment of transgender students in the local schools. According to Stonewall Democrats, she is one of the brightest people running for office in this region. She supports GENDA, the Conversion Therapy bill, and the LGBT Panic …

Pamela Harris (D) for Assembly District 46

Incumbent; co-sponsors GENDA: votes for GENDA, Conversion Therapy bill, and the Dream Act; she is relatively new to the Assembly and therefore has a limited record; endorsed by Stonewall Democrats of NYC, Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club of NYC and Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn.

Al Stirpe (D) for Assembly District 127

Incumbent; co-sponsors the Conversion Therapy bill and the Child-Parent Security Act; consistently votes for GENDA and the Conversion Therapy bill; voted for the Safe Act and Marriage Equality Act even though he represents a conservative district.