Gender Identity Respect Dignity and Safety Act

Senate: S6677
Assembly: A7001A

This bill requires state and local correctional facilities to house TGNCNBI individuals consistently with their gender identities; ensures that correctional officers and staff address people by their names and pronouns; guarantees people access to commissary items, clothing, and other materials that are consistent with their gender identities; and establishes a right to be searched by officers of the same gender identity. The bill will also enable people to opt-out of being housed consistently with their gender identity if they have overriding safety concerns.

The New York State criminal justice system often refuses basic rights to TGNCNB individuals who are incarcerated. TGNCNB people face much higher rates of discrimination, violence, lost opportunity, and the lack of access to basic needs. This bill will ensure that TGNCNB individuals are housed consistent with their gender identity, referred to by their name and pronouns even if they don’t have legal paperwork, and given access to gender affirming items.

The rate of murders of BIPOC trans women in the U.S. has nearly doubled between 2019 - 2020.