Decriminalizing Sex Work Bill / Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act (SVSTA)

Senate: S3075
Assembly: A849

This bill relates to the decriminalization of sex work; repealer

The decriminalization of prostitution and related acts can be viewed through many lenses, including: labor rights, sexual freedom, bodily autonomy, gender justice, racial justice, gay rights, transgender rights, and criminal justice reform. Sex workers’ rights is all of these things – and sits at the intersection of so many critical social justice movements. Supporting people who engage in sexual labor is a natural fit for LGBTQI rights. Many sex workers identify as queer, and a disproportionate number of transgender women engage in sex work. Cisgender and transgender women who identify as Black, Indiginous, and People of Color (BIPOC) bear a disproportionate brunt of enforcement of New York laws criminalizing sex work, and the adverse consequences that follow. And police mistreatment of LGBTQI people, especially Black and Latinx LGBTQI people, is a persistent problem.

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Senate Sponsor(s):
Julia Salazar
Assembly Sponsor(s):
Richard N. Gottfried