NFT Pride Auction

In honor of pride month, Equality New York would like to announce their 2021 NFT Pride Auction!

Artists from the LGBTQI community have come together in support of Equality New York to create unique one of a kind NFTs. All images were developed to raise awareness of queer and trans identities and promote equality. All funds raised from the 2021 NFT Pride Art Auction will go directly to Equality New York's programming. 


The NFT Pride Action will go live June, 15, 2021


Our Mission

Equality New York (EQNY) is an advocacy organization that unites and amplifies the social and political voices of the LGBTQI communities throughout New York State. We work to advance equality and justice for LGBTQI New Yorkers and their families. EQNY uses an intersectional lens to ensure equitable outcomes for our community.



Lindsay Jones (She/They) & Vince McKelvie (He/Him)

Lindsay Jones, a sculptor and designer using alternate mediums, painting, technology as well as film, worked with Vince Mckelvie to create a 3D rendering of The Three Graces in effort to explore the idea of future classical. Her current references are classic greek hellenistic sculpture, Timelessness, and Ethereal in Nature. The sculpture of The Three Graces was scanned to create the 3D rendering. The moving waves represent water paying an homage to Boticelli’s “Venus”. There is also the feeling of a digital landscape for angels, which is the title for the series of digital works.

Vince Mckelvie is an artist working in a variety of digital mediums. His main artistic practice consists of websites, gifs, videos, images and printed media. A lot of his work plays with the functionality/limitations of various social media platforms to inform the format of his work. He translates these formatting decisions from digital to physical and back again. His more ambitious web projects have consisted of interactive music videos, custom and creative web apps that have produced thousands of user generated images and web pages.

Terence Koh (He/Him)

Terence Koh rapidly gained notoriety in the art world following his installation at Art Basel in 2007, which featured clumps of the artist’s own excrement covered in gold leaf. Such subversive gestures pay homage toMarcel Duchamp and the Dada movement, while other works such as Big White Cock (2006) examine symbols of gay subculture and the fetishization of objects. Another strain of Koh’s work explores spirituality and asceticism, as in his 2011 performance entitled nothingtoodoo, in which Koh took a vow of silence, dropped to his knees, and repeatedly circled a massive pile of salt for hours at a time. Koh’s diverse oeuvre encompasses sculptures, installations, and performance works, raising questions that range from how to define the role of the artist to what constitutes “otherness” in contemporary society.



Finley (She/Her)

Founder and Curator of the Every Woman Biennial: C. Finley, based in New York City and Rome, is known for her elaborate paintings and intense use of color, monumental murals, multi-disciplinary collaborations, and her activism through urban art interventions, including her acclaimed Wallpapered Dumpsters. As the creator of the 2019 Every Woman Biennial she exhibited over 500 female and non-binary artists in New York and Los Angeles.

Maxwell Vice (They/Them)

My name is Maxwell Vice, and I am the Producer/Editor in Chief of Ice Vice Magazine. We are a QPOC publication based in NYC, ran entirely by young artist from around the city, with the mission to put young Black/Brown & Queer artist to the forefront. More information can be found on my magazine's website, but aside from my zine it is my goal to provide a bridge into the industry for artists like myself, and provide equity for young QPOC in the industry. I am the primary Producer / Photographer / Casting Director / Editor / MUA  + Stylist for my magazine, and freelance in these fields across the city. Aside from juggling this, I also work as an Actor/Model anytime I can, especially when given the chance to give visibility to Latin & Non Binary people in the industry. Booking talent such as myself is crucial in providing diverse and safer spaces for artists such as myself, as I carry an entire team of young QPOC artists like myself wherever I go.



Kamco Henn (He/She/They)

Carrying the debt to the club kid, I used to be, back when Manhattan night life for my generation was at its best in 2010, (for what I believe), the kids were giving looks and shows of the highest caliber. If I were to call it a costume I should be put to shame. Yes thrifted, yes handmade, but we looked expensive. When "House" music taught me the gospel of the night in my early college days in NYC, I learned that art was spoken for and these were the kids to do it. I danced, I wrote, I shot, I DJed. I try anything to escape from the pain of feeling odd or unloved. Until I met my family in the Night Life, rave scene. "What's the download?," was my prophecy of what the world would become and how fast information surges around the world as technology advances, people move faster, want faster and take in more leaving it up to you to decide, how many Gigabytes are you worth? I promised God, I would be if all I could have was to make music and art and spread the joy of relief after dark, or in the sun where we go to express the craft of loneliness the only way we know how. I prayed as a way to show my faith that my disorder wouldn't take me out. I was given the gift of a beat, and of the eye. Kinetic. I want to exercise the body into pure pleasure, hence the name, "The Psychic Masseuse"

Franklin Ayzenberg (He/They)

Franklin is a furniture designer living in Brooklyn, New York. Franklin uses 3D modeling/animation softwares to illustrate their designs before fabrication. Franklin has provided a high quality render of lounge chair from his design studio, Playground Studio. .



 Mx.Enigma (She/They/Angel)

Mx.Enigma is an international winning creative, has their art work focusing  on the intersections of queerness, American culture & public's perceptions. Their work is featured in over 50 galleries in NYC, Toronto & Los Angeles, including MOMA, Bronx Museum, Tribeca Institute, HBO & OutFest & 75 film festivals wide. They are an alum of the BCI residency in July 2017, & Fall 2019 artist in residence at Judson Memorial Church. In 2020 they’ve worked with NYPL on a play production of “L’Chaim 2 Dykes” on Queer Ex-Hasidic Women who are struggling with their custody battles. 2021  Painter In Residence @ The Center & Sculptor @MakersPark 


Partnership Spotlight: Superchief Gallery

Superchief Gallery is the world's 1st physical dedicated NFT gallery space. Since we opened our first digital art gallery in Soho back in 2016, Superchief has held the belief that digital-native artwork was an essential art form to include as part of the larger art movement of our era. We have had been running our version of a traditional art gallery space since 2012 and by 2016 we knew well that there wasn't a clear way to monetize digital artwork:

Artists C. FInley and Maxwell Vice are represented by Superchief.

How to Buy an NFT

Set up an Ethereum wallet. There are several compatible wallets. Metamask is secure and the most popular.

For more help, watch:

Fund your wallet. This can be done directly from your Metamask wallet (Click the “buy” option). You will be given the option to purchase Ethereum with a debit card, or you can choose to purchase it separately from a crypto exchange, like Coinbase or Gemini. If you go through a crypto exchange, you will need to send the Ethereum to your Metamask wallet (copy and paste your Metamask public Ethereum address into your Ethereum wallet on the exchange- click “withdraw” to open the interface to make the aforementioned transfer). or

Connect your newly funded wallet to our auction platform on Opensea and place your bids!!!