LGBTQI Local Advocacy Project


Equality New York’s LGBTQI Local Advocacy Project trains and supports the loc advocacy actions throughout New York State. Local leaders and organizations know their communities’ needs and EQNY has the expertise, tools, and resources to help them own and implement their own advocacy local efforts. 

To achieve our mission of advancing equality and justice for LGBTQI New Yorkers and their families, we must build the capacity of our local communities and organizations. 

The Strong Local Action Initiative is a 6 month program designed to identify, train, and build the infrastructure of an organization or group’s advocacy efforts. EQNY will give organizational partners free access to the technology and tools needed to implement an advocacy initiative in the communities. 


Phase 1: Define a Local Issue or Challenge 

The organization or group will identify the local leaders in their community who will participate in the program. EQNY will facilitate a session on identifying a community issue or challenge. 



Phase 2: Create an Advocacy Solution 

The partner organizations, with EQNY, will review the issues identified in the first session and select the best advocacy efforts to address the issue or challenge. 



Phase 3: Launch Advocacy Initiative   

Organizations will launch a series of educational programming to support their identified advocacy initiative. Examples include; 

  • language about challenge & solution via a one-pager;
  • website content and images;
  • a panel webinar (or in-person) on advocacy topic;

Phase 4: Implement Advocacy Action(s)

Organizations will implement their advocacy action (e.g. petition, phone banking, door knocking, letter signing) for 4-6 weeks using state of the art technology and strategy to engage their local community. EQNY will provide technical assistance and monitoring of all digital campaigns and efforts. 


Phase 5: Measure Impact & Share Outcomes

Organizations will then work with EQNY to measure the success and challenges had during their advocacy efforts. The impact can be shared with community, elected officials, and funders to help amplify their efforts. 

Organizations and groups interested in participating in Equality New York’s LGBTQI Local Advocacy Project can send an email to [email protected] - including:

Organizational Name:
501(c)3/501(c)4 Number (optional):

Main Contact Name:
Main Contact Email:
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Organizations or Groups Mission: