Equality New York’s Policy Priorities & Coalition

Equality New York (EQNY) is an advocacy organization that unites and amplifies the social and political voices of the LGBTQI communities throughout New York State. EQNY is the largest LGBTQI statewide coalition with 70+ organizations & 5,500 members & counting. Our coalition is led by a 35-person advisory council composed of LGBTQI leaders around the state.

EQNY’s state-wide policy platform focuses on five (5) key domains that affect LGBTQI individuals disproportionately in New York State. In each domain we have identified different statewide strategies that include legislation and budget items that will lead to advancing the lives of all LGBTQI New Yorkers and their families.

You can learn more about each domains legislative priorities by clicking below:

Policy Committees & Affiliation Groups

Equality New York’s (EQNY) policy and advocacy work is done through five committees, based on the domains above, and multiple affiliation groups. Priorities and projects are led in committees and assisted by Equality New York’s staff, board of directors and advisory council.

JOIN US! EQNY’s policy committees and affiliation groups are comprised of dozens of LGBTQI New Yorkers and allies and are open to anyone passionate about advancing equality here in the state.

Bodily Autonomy & Reproductive Justice
Chair: Cathy Marino-Thomas

All LGBTQI New Yorkers can and should self-determine what they do with their bodies. Bodily autonomy and reproductive justice does not just focus on rights, but seeks meaningful equality. The framework we use encompasses work for access to health care more broadly, as well as access to resources, freedom from racial discrimination, police violence, and other oppressions.

Current & Past Projects:
#30DaysofWellness Challenge (in partnership w/ Disability Justice & Mental Health Access Committee)
Bodily Autonomy Social Media Campaign

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Disability Justice & Mental Health Access
Chair: Victoria Rodríguez-Roldán

Disability justice is integral to LGBTQ justice. EQNY will fight for disabled LGBTQI New Yorkers from a “nothing about us without us” perspective. This especially includes psychiatric and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Current & Past Projects:
#30DaysofWellness Challenge (in partnership w/ Bodily Autonomy & Reproductive Justice Committee)

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Racial Justice
Chairs: Tanya Asapansa Walker

We must use an anti-racist framework when working within the movement to advance LGBTQI rights. Our racial justice legislative strategy is grounded in three objectives:

(1) building cross-movement solidarity with coalitions and campaigns that center commitments to racial equity and reparative justice in policy solutions;

(2) partnering with established advocacy coalitions that are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) led and center the voices of those most impacted by the existing policy failures; and

(3) Amplifying powerful intersectional stories of BIPOC LGBTQ New Yorkers.

Current & Past Projects:
Gender Identity Respect Dignity and Safety Act Campaign (in partnership w/ TGNCNB Equity Committee)

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Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, & Non-Binary Equity
Chair: Teri Wilhelm

Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, & Non-Binary (TGNCNB) New Yorkers must be centered in all policy and system change. Historically, TGNCNB people have been left behind when prioritizing the LGBTQI agenda. The platform focuses on health, identity, and dignity as fundamental rights afforded to all New York residents, inclusive of the right to access housing, education, employment and protection against crime without bias, discrimination or harassment.

Current & Past Projects:
#ProtectTransStudents Campaign
(in partnership w/ Youth, Families & Aging Committee)
Gender Identity Respect Dignity and Safety Act Campaign
(in partnership w/ Racial Equality Committee)

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Youth, Families & Aging Communities Protections
Chairs: Brian Esser & Gabriel Blau

We must protect our LGBTQI youth, families and aging community as they are some of the most vulnerable members of our community. EQNY is committed to protecting the rights of our community throughout all phases of their lives.

Current & Past Projects:
#ProtectTransStudents Campaign
(in partnership w/ TGNCNB Committee)

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Questions can be directed to general@equalityny.org

Affiliation Groups

LGBTQI Faith Based Leaders for Equality New York
Chair: Dr. Wilhelmina Perry

LGBTQI Union & Labor Leaders for Equality New York
Chair: Desma Holcomb