Equality New York’s Bodily Autonomy Campaign


In 2021, Equality New York (EQNY) has developed and launched a series of new policy committees to ensure their fight for LGBTQI equality and justice is truly intersectional. EQNY’S Bodily Autonomy Committee has created their first project which will include a social media campaign highlighting what Bodily Autonomy means to New Yorkers.


  • Educating people on what Bodily Autonomy means;
  • Highlight the importance of Bodily Autonomy and its role in the LGBTQI community;
  • Inform people about EQNY’s Bodily Autonomy Committee exists (increase membership);

The campaign will run from Monday, May 10, 2021 – Sunday, May 16, 2021

Learn more: https://www.equalityny.org/bodilyautonomycampaign/