Equality New York PAC Announces Districts Open for Potential Endorsement 


Equality NY PAC is a political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates for public office in New York State who are committed to the civil rights and needs of the LGBTQI community.

Process & Pedagogy:

Our Endorsement Committee is comprised of a diverse group of LGBTQI leaders. Our committee continues the tradition of supporting pro-LGBTQI candidates across New York so that we can continue to move this great state forward to support and protect all LGBTQI people.

Through our rigorous process we identify what candidates we think will be best suited to help us advance the lives of LGBTQI New Yorkers. Outside of LGBTQI specific issues, we take an intersectional approach in all ratings. This includes us evaluating their positions on other social justice issues such as bail reform, immigrant rights, women’s rights, and sensible gun control laws, and much more.

Our Core Values:

  • LGBTQI representation in NYS politics matters;
  • An intersectional lens used in policy and system change is a must;
  • Values over identity, helps implement strong statewide outcomes for the diverse LGBTQI community;
  • A commitment to civic engagement & leadership in local communities, creates knowledgeable and effective candidates.

Qualifying Districts: 

Assembly Districts State Senate Districts 

District 34
District 37
District 50
District 54
District 65
District 66
District 68
District 69
District 70
District 72
District 73
District 74
District 75
District 84 
District 138
District 1
District 5
District 7
District 8
District 18
District 25
District 26
District 29
District 33
District 38
District 48
District 55
District 56
District 109
If you would like your district to be consider use the contact information below.

Application Process:

The Equality New York PAC committee identifies districts and candidates who will lead and advocate to  pass pro-LGBTQI policy before each state-wide and federal election (EQNY does not endorse in city-wide elections). 

Application Deadline: Friday, March 11, 2022 11:59PM

Download Candidate Application Here

Questions can be directed to general@equalityny.org