EQNY PAC Candidate Updates: 2020 General Election


December 22, 2020

In just a couple weeks, the NY State Senate & NY Assembly will begin the 2021 session. More specifically, on January 6, 2020, elected officials will convene in Albany, NY to start the process of passing progressive legislation that will keep all New Yorkers protected. If we learned anything from the Trump Administration, state level protections are more important than ever.

This year, due to widespread absentee voting, we had to wait longer than usual to get the full results for the 2020 New York State election. Today, we are excited to announce the major successes Equality New York (EQNY) PAC was able to achieve through our 2021 endorsement process. 

Our community came together to endorse 26 equality-minded statewide candidates. Collectively, we were able to support our candidates by hosting over a dozen phone and text banks, producing multiple meet and greets, and invest thousands of dollars into campaigns.  

EQNY PAC By the Numbers:


80% of EQNY PAC Candidates Won

Record Breaker 

EQNY PAC Endorsed 6 LGBTQI-identifed Candidates  

 NYS Senate Supermajority 

EQNY PAC Endorsed 5 Senate Seats that Flipped Red to Blue 

Getting the right people into office is just the first step. We now must get to work crafting and passing legislation that will advance the lives of all LGBTQI New Yorkers and their families. 

About Equality New York PAC:

Equality NY PAC is a political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates for public office in New York State who are committed to the civil rights and needs of the LGBTQI community.