Bodily Autonomy Campaign

Bodily Autonomy Campaign

Join Equality New York for their #BodilyAutonomy Campaign

In May,  Equality New York will launch their Bodily Autonomy Social Media Campaign to raise awareness of the intersection between the LGBTQI community and our right to decide what is best for our body. 


Monday, May 10, 2021 - Sunday, May 16, 2021

In 2021, Equality New York (EQNY) has developed and launched a series of new policy committees to ensure their fight for LGBTQI equality and justice is truly intersectional. EQNY’S Bodily Autonomy Committee has created their first project which will include a social media campaign highlighting what Bodily Autonomy means to New Yorkers.


  • Educating people on what Bodily Autonomy means;
  • Highlight the importance of Bodily Autonomy and its role in the LGBTQI community;
  • Inform people about EQNY’s Bodily Autonomy Committee exists (increase membership);


We are asking you to take part in this social media campaign that will run from Monday, May 10, 2021 - Sunday, May 16, 2021. You can find directions below:  

  1. Print out or save a digital copy of the sign;
  2. Fill out what bodily autonomy means to you (in less than 10 words);
  3. Hold up sign and take a photo; or take a video;
  4. Post on social media tagging @EqualityNewYork & using the hashtag #BodilyAutonomy [OR] send photos directly to

Social Media Example Text

#BodilyAutonomy is an LGBTQI issue. Join the @EqualityNewYork campaign to highlight the importance of #BodilyAutonomy. Learn more here

#BodilyAutonomy means to me …. Learn more about the campaign at @EqualityNewYork here.

As a member of the #LGBTQI community #BodilyAutonomy means to me ... Join me in using your voice and joining the campaign here.

These are the principles that guide EQNY's  work:

  • We acknowledge the LGBTQI communities of New York are diverse in many ways and there is no single agenda that can entirely represent all LGBTQI New Yorkers;

  • We aim to have a thoughtfully diverse, equitable and inclusionary coalition  that works to implement mechanisms by which those who choose to be involved can gain access and inform our decisions and priorities;

  • Achieving full protections for our trans communities is a high priority in a state where most other legal protections are provided;

  • The challenges of the LGBTQI community are at the intersection of multiple identities: racism, classism, sexism, economic issues and many more are central to supporting LGBTQI people;

  • We  support each others organizations and efforts, recognizing  partnerships are valuable, as we work towards building a powerful voice for LGBTQI people and organizations throughout the state;

  • New York is a large state with different lived experiences in different areas of the state. An LGBTQI state coalition must represent all of these areas, being intentional not to over-represent the New York City region.