2021 NYS LGBTQI Virtual Advocacy Day


You are invited to attend the annual 2021 NYS LGBTQI Virtual Advocacy Day on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Advocacy Day is your chance to virtually meet 300+ LGBTQI individuals and allies from around the state. Collectively you will advocate for policies that will lead to a more equitable state for all LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and Intersex) New Yorkers.

The NYS LGBTQI Virtual Advocacy Day will include panels, workshops, elected official visits, and coalition building. In addition, there will be pre-programming and educational events throughout the month of March.  As we build on the historic wins that occurred over the last few months, we will strategically move our equality platform ahead and discuss strategies to continue to improve the lives of LGBTQI New Yorkers.

SCHEDULE (full list of panelists & special guests coming soon):

Opening Remarks & Elected Official Guests  

LGBTQIA & Sex Work: Intersectionality, Bodily Autonomy & Criminalization
This panel will explore the intersecting issues related to queer identity, bodily autonomy and sexual labor. Panelists will discuss the significance of passage of Walking While Trans bill, decriminalization v. Nordic model, and general issues related to LGBTQIA sex workers and allies. 

Elected Official Visits 
Join a group of 8-10 other activists who will be assigned to an elected official. Each group will be tasked with  sharing the policy priorities to elected officials and ask for their support/co-sponsorship of priorities. 

Lunch Panel: Mix & Mingle w/ New Elected Officials 
Newly elected officials will spend the lunch hour introducing themselves and then breaking into small groups. Get a chance to get to know a new elected official and learn about their support of the LGBTQI community. Participants will be able to share their experiences and ask questions in groups on 10-15 people. 

LGBTQ Housing, Shelter and Social Services in times of COVID-19 
This panel will discuss the intersection of LGBTQI identity and its impact on navigating the housing and social service systems in New York.  Panelists will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the Queer and Trans community in recieving services along with reviewing a package of bills that can help better serve the community during this time. 

Youth Advocacy and Organizing in 2021 
This workshop will bring together LGBTQI youth to discuss what the 2021 policy priorities mean to them and their peers. Panelists will discuss different organizing strategies, how youth can get more involved in policy, and opportunities available for youth to develop their organizing skills. 

Closing Remarks & Next Steps